Sunnyside Podcast Show

Sunnyside Podcast Show

Up from the depths... 30 decibels high... Breathing Fire! It’s the Sunnyside Podcast Show! They’re back! Re-join your hosts PJ Holden (usually found drawing Judge Dredd for the galaxy’s greatest comic), Scott Ferguson (more often buried deep in his digital studio colouring Game of Thrones or your favourite indie film) and Ron Abernethy (hopeless technology magpie) as they talk about whatever pop culture has to offer. Featuring interviews with top comic creators, film, comic and tv reviews with a decidedly Northern Ireland slant, see if Ron and Scott can keep the show on-plan while not being derailed by whatever lunacy is floating around PJ’s semi-lucid brain-pan.

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    009 - Scott Free

    Scott's not about this week, so PJ and Ron have a heart to heart about the things that really matter - creativity and collaboration. Normal service will resume soon!

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    008 - Alexa! - I Have A Vague Request!

    Scott got a HomePod. Ron already had a HomePod. PJ has an Amazon Echo, which everyone just calls an Alexa anyway. Also, what's new on Netflix, and we chat about the remastered Charley's War.

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    007 - A Gig Too Far

    We revisit B&M bargains, PJ bemoans the concert scene and we have a very spoilery, very long discussion of Avengers: Infinity War

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    006 - Putting a Cork in it

    PJ tells us about the Cork Comic Expo, his dad's tattoos and whether or not the new iPad Pro is worth the upgrade. Scott has seen Death Wish (2018). Ron reserves the right to hold his tongue. Also some chat about remakes and Clip Studio Paint.

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    005 - B&M Bargain Hunt

    PJ and Scott love their toys, and even more they love buying them cheap. We chat about some more movies - The Hitman's Bodyguard, The Death of Stalin and A Quiet Place - and PJ goes viral.

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    Bonus Episode 001 - The Life of Sliney

    On this bonus episode PJ talks to Cork artist Will Sliney about his life, career and Cork comic expo. Apologies for the sound in this one - our interview audio WILL get better, quickly, soon!

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    004 - Bitter Much? A Tragic Gathering

    PJ spills bitter tears over a perceived slight, Ron and Scott patiently wait for him to run out of steam. Scott tells us about one of his secret habits, and Ron lets us know what he thought of Disney Life.

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    003 - The Reality of Retail

    PJ relays his struggles with the retail industry, laments the alt-right enjoying his work and we chat about revenge movies.

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