Sunnyside Podcast Show

Sunnyside Podcast Show

Every week, PJ, Scott and Ron will regale you with what's being going on in their lives, as they chat about family life, the movies, politics, mental health, social issues and the apparent difficulty in supplying an adequate stool sample. Whether we're dealing with the thorny subject of what we'd like our funerals to be like, doing a deep dive into living in a cult or attempting to solve racism in Northern Ireland, you can be sure we'll find a way to approach the subject with gusto!

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    036 - A Sunnyside Christmas

    In what is, to date, the most ramshackle and chaotic episode we've ever done, welcome to the Sunnyside Christmas Party! We have gifts, crackers, insane kid jokes, quizzes and general chat about Christmas Past.Try to imagine yourself sitting amongst us, indulging yourself with a mince pie.

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    035 - Spider-Verse, Spider-Verse

    We've seen Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, and we talk about it a lot. And look, we're trying to avoid spoilers, but you know what we're like. We really want you to enjoy it as much as we did though, so if you're worried about spoilers wait until after you've seen it to listen to this. We also chat about Wreck It Ralph 2, Brightburn, more Ron's Eye nonsense and have more Picks for you.

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    034 - Fantasy Funeral

    Andi Jarvis is back again, and this week we chat about PJ's ongoing frustrations with Apple Inc., Magic Leap, exploding turkeys, our desired funereal plans and the mighty Highlander.

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    033 - Black Is A Colour!

    This week an old mate of Ron's pops in to talk about his recent experiences with racism in Northern Ireland, marketing and what it's like to actually enjoy keeping fit.

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    032 - A Bit of a Cult

    Things go pretty far out this week. We take a trip into the land of Bob Ross, more ASMR, then we take a sharp left turn into the world of The Family International, courtesy of Ron's better half Susie. It's a long one, buckle in!

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    031 - Huel Put Your Eye Out!

    This week we find out what happened with Ron's eye, where all the Huel Scott consumes ends up, and we dribble over new Apple products.

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    030 - Keep 'Er Lit Boy!

    Scott's not here. Why? Listen to find out. In his stead are artist extraordinare John McCrea and Andrew Martin, our new Personal Trainer. We chat about Comic City Festival in Derry, how to get us fit and share some more Picks of the Week!

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    029 - Let's Get Physical

    This week we're joined by our new personal trainer, Andrew! He takes us through how he's going to break us down, turn us inside out and have us reborn as new men, new warrirors of the future!

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    028 - It's Trick!

    It's a half-hearted Halloween special, as we chat about the growing up with the holiday, the movie Sorry To Bother You, our upcoming fitness plans and a bit of K-Pop!

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