Sunnyside Podcast Show

Sunnyside Podcast Show

Up from the depths... 30 decibels high... Breathing Fire! It’s the Sunnyside Podcast Show! They’re back! Re-join your hosts PJ Holden (usually found drawing Judge Dredd for the galaxy’s greatest comic), Scott Ferguson (more often buried deep in his digital studio colouring Game of Thrones or your favourite indie film) and Ron Abernethy (hopeless technology magpie) as they talk about whatever pop culture has to offer. Featuring interviews with top comic creators, film, comic and tv reviews with a decidedly Northern Ireland slant, see if Ron and Scott can keep the show on-plan while not being derailed by whatever lunacy is floating around PJ’s semi-lucid brain-pan.

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    017 - Burt Bacharach Was Right

    John McCrea is still with us in the studio, chatting about his new crime noir book with Gerry Duggan and Mike Spicer, DEAD RABBIT. We also chat about what's fun to watch while working, we catch up on our Classics pick from a couple of weeks ago (BLOW OUT) and do our regular Pick of the Week

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    016 - John McCrea, Child of Conflict

    This week we're joined by our first in-studio guest, Northern Irish comics legend John McCrea! We chat to him about his career, and we also discuss some of the latest trailers to come out of San Diego Comic Con. John even has a Pick of the Week, he's THAT prepared.

    Oh, and Ron knows he got it wrong when he said it was Universal who were releasing the Godzilla movie. He KNOWS it. Don't @ him. Please.


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    015 - Hot Women Whispering

    Ron and Scott explain ASMR to a cynical PJ, who thinks it's best applied for screaming at unsuspecting listeners. PJ explains his Friday Fix-Up project, and as usual there's a Pick of the Week. Also, a new feature, with the obligatory custom Ron theme music.

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    014 - I Don't Think THEY Think It's Normal…

    We chat about, gods help us, Goliath again, and a few movies. PJ reads Dicks by Garth Ennis and John McCrea, Steve Ditko is gone and as usual argue over our Picks of the Week.

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    013 - Rome, if you want to...

    Wew chat about what we've been watching on Amazon Prime and Netflix. We discuss PJ's kid on his adventure to Rome and the political landscape outside our front doors. Also, Pick of the Week!

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    012 - PJ's Semi Solid Snake

    It's hot listener. Too hot. Too hot for nonsense. We chat about The Terror, Jurrasic World 2, and introduce a new Pick of the Week feature. It's highly original, I think you'll agree.

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    011 - Range Anxiety

    PJ tells us about his adventures in writing, Scott details his adventures in driving the Leaf over long (for Ireland) distances, and also tells us about some fun video making equipment that turned him into a very boring man.

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    010 - Big Submarine Ones

    Oh boy. This week we go hard, as the rappers say. Ron's fallen deep into the well of Batman Animated Figures. The team outline their most solemn medical experiences, and we discus the recent release of Solo: A Star Wars Story.

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    009 - Scott Free

    Scott's not about this week, so PJ and Ron have a heart to heart about the things that really matter - creativity and collaboration. Normal service will resume soon!

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    008 - Alexa! - I Have A Vague Request!

    Scott got a HomePod. Ron already had a HomePod. PJ has an Amazon Echo, which everyone just calls an Alexa anyway. Also, what's new on Netflix, and we chat about the remastered Charley's War.

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