Sunnyside Podcast Show

Sunnyside Podcast Show

Up from the depths... 30 decibels high... Breathing Fire! It’s the Sunnyside Podcast Show! They’re back! Re-join your hosts PJ Holden (usually found drawing Judge Dredd for the galaxy’s greatest comic), Scott Ferguson (more often buried deep in his digital studio colouring Game of Thrones or your favourite indie film) and Ron Abernethy (hopeless technology magpie) as they talk about whatever pop culture has to offer. Featuring interviews with top comic creators, film, comic and tv reviews with a decidedly Northern Ireland slant, see if Ron and Scott can keep the show on-plan while not being derailed by whatever lunacy is floating around PJ’s semi-lucid brain-pan.

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    029 - Let's Get Physical

    This week we're joined by our new personal trainer, Andrew! He takes us through how he's going to break us down, turn us inside out and have us reborn as new men, new warrirors of the future!

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    028 - It's Trick!

    It's a half-hearted Halloween special, as we chat about the growing up with the holiday, the movie Sorry To Bother You, our upcoming fitness plans and a bit of K-Pop!

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    027 - 93%

    We're back after a week off (cough Ron cough) and PJ has been to New York for NYCC. We chat about A Matter of Life & Death because Scott can't stick to the plan, and realise that it should defnitely have been a Classic.

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    026 - Egg Banjo

    Gah, another late night upload. Never fear, I've some details. This week we talk about our weight loss progress, our Classic - The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp - and we also chat about perceptions of race, because that's what everyone wants to hear 3 tragically white guys talk about.

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    025 - Oh Mandy!

    Not much in the way of show notes this week (Ron made the grave error of sending PJ a blank audio file to review, and then promptly forgot what night it was, nearly forgetting to upload this at all), but we do chat about travelling, more parental worries, the Nic Cage 'movie' Mandy, and a few other bits and pieces.

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    024 - The Body Wants What It Wants

    Bit of a longer one this week. ANOTHER NEW FEATURE! We're all three of us trying to lose weight, so why not have a long discussion about our self-image and also how we're going about trying to shift the pounds. Then we chat about The Deer Hunter for a bit. But really, it's mostly body talk.

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    023 - 3 Gaming Experts

    This week we talk about the new PS4 Spider-Man game, lament our lack of RPGs in our lives and chat about some new movies and TV we've enjoyed.

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    022 - Mahalo

    Scott is mysteriously absent, so Ron and PJ chat about Hawaiian heart-throb Glenn Medeiros, the BBC's Bodyguard and C0m1csGat3, god help them.

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    021 - FOUR-OH

    This week our fearless explorers of pop culture talk about surviving 40, how old our oldest friendships are, and what success actually means if you’re a freelancer or a muggle. Plus our semi regular review a classic returns with seminal 1950s sci-fi Classic Quatermass and the Pitt, we talk Potatohontas at the Tayto Fun Park and the Pick of the week!

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    020 - Anecdote-A-Rama

    We mostly just listen to PJ reading from his diary, which leads us down a rabbit hole of intersecting anecdotes. You'd think this show could have some sort of a central theme, but it's rapidly becoming clear it doesn't.

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