Sunnyside Podcast Show

Sunnyside Podcast Show

Every week, PJ, Scott and Ron will regale you with what's being going on in their lives, as they chat about family life, the movies, politics, mental health, social issues and the apparent difficulty in supplying an adequate stool sample. Whether we're dealing with the thorny subject of what we'd like our funerals to be like, doing a deep dive into living in a cult or attempting to solve racism in Northern Ireland, you can be sure we'll find a way to approach the subject with gusto!

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    One Dec at a Time

    PJ is NOT here. He's somewhere else, apparently without access to internet and common decency, so comics fan favourite Declan Shalvey joins us to talk about what he's been up to, and have a chat about what we've been enjoying recently, including Captain Marvel, Derry Girls, Alita:Battle Angel and lots of other stuff.

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    PJ's efforts for NI Science Week, Scott tells us about a Monorail, we chat about the future of the show, Scott explains how he does his job, PJ laments about dogs some more.

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    Not The House of Mouse

    Sad times, as PJ tells us the conclusion of his adventures in dog-ownership. Also, we make predictions for the Oscars that happened last week…

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    How Much IS That Doggy?

    Ron has a new toy. PJ has a new dog. Neither are sure how to operate them.

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    Mostly Balls

    We're dry this week. So we just winged it and, what do you know, we still came up with some AWARD NOMINATED content for you. School days. Chinos. Bodily... dryness. We've got it all.

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    A Bubble of Air

    PJ fills us in on an unfortunate event. Ron visits the Da Vinci exhibit and we have a chat about our haircuts. Scott tells us yet another amazing bathroom tale. It's a non-stop bathroom thrill ride, and we're delighted to share it with you!

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    Mind Man

    This week Scott gets a new iPad, he tells us about going to see local mentalist David Meade, PJ details his son's further plans for world domination and we chat about careers and the movie Glass.

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    Some Sons Do 'Ave 'Em

    This week we chat a bit about our families. I mean, it's one of THOSE episodes. Y'know, when things get surprisingly heavy and uncomfortable. We also talk about forgiveness, the #MeToo movement and what, if anything, is our role in that.

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    VR Watching You

    PJ tells us about his fun new virtual world and making things in it, and also about looking too old to be his brother's brother. Ron watched Sex Education's first season on Netflix. Oh, and we tell you all about our plans to profit with wild abandon from this very podcast.

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