One in the Clip, Two in the Bag

The Oscars are (ok, were) on the horizon and we talk nominees and potential winners. Ron's been to see Queen & Slim, Scott's seen Monster House with Ralphie and PJ hasn't seen much of anything, really. Also bear witness to PJ as he re-invokes Scarlett Johansson to the utter horror of Scott and Ron, but mostly Scott.

6 months ago


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Every week, PJ, Scott and Ron will regale you with what's being going on in their lives, as they chat about family life, the movies, politics, mental health, social issues and the apparent difficulty in supplying an adequate stool sample. Whether we're dealing with the thorny subject of what we'd like our funerals to be like, doing a deep dive into living in a cult or attempting to solve racism in Northern Ireland, you can be sure we'll find a way to approach the subject with gusto!