Sunnyside Podcast Show

Sunnyside Podcast Show

Up from the depths... 30 decibels high... Breathing Fire! It’s the Sunnyside Podcast Show! They’re back! Re-join your hosts PJ Holden (usually found drawing Judge Dredd for the galaxy’s greatest comic), Scott Ferguson (more often buried deep in his digital studio colouring Game of Thrones or your favourite indie film) and Ron Abernethy (hopeless technology magpie) as they talk about whatever pop culture has to offer. Featuring interviews with top comic creators, film, comic and tv reviews with a decidedly Northern Ireland slant, see if Ron and Scott can keep the show on-plan while not being derailed by whatever lunacy is floating around PJ’s semi-lucid brain-pan.

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    035 - Spider-Verse, Spider-Verse

    We've seen Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, and we talk about it a lot. And look, we're trying to avoid spoilers, but you know what we're like. We really want you to enjoy it as much as we did though, so if you're worried about spoilers wait until after you've seen it to listen to this. We also chat about Wreck It Ralph 2, Brightburn, more Ron's Eye nonsense and have more Picks for you.

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    034 - Fantasy Funeral

    Andi Jarvis is back again, and this week we chat about PJ's ongoing frustrations with Apple Inc., Magic Leap, exploding turkeys, our desired funereal plans and the mighty Highlander.

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    033 - Black Is A Colour!

    This week an old mate of Ron's pops in to talk about his recent experiences with racism in Northern Ireland, marketing and what it's like to actually enjoy keeping fit.

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    032 - A Bit of a Cult

    Things go pretty far out this week. We take a trip into the land of Bob Ross, more ASMR, then we take a sharp left turn into the world of The Family International, courtesy of Ron's better half Susie. It's a long one, buckle in!

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    031 - Huel Put Your Eye Out!

    This week we find out what happened with Ron's eye, where all the Huel Scott consumes ends up, and we dribble over new Apple products.

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    030 - Keep 'Er Lit Boy!

    Scott's not here. Why? Listen to find out. In his stead are artist extraordinare John McCrea and Andrew Martin, our new Personal Trainer. We chat about Comic City Festival in Derry, how to get us fit and share some more Picks of the Week!

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    029 - Let's Get Physical

    This week we're joined by our new personal trainer, Andrew! He takes us through how he's going to break us down, turn us inside out and have us reborn as new men, new warrirors of the future!

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    028 - It's Trick!

    It's a half-hearted Halloween special, as we chat about the growing up with the holiday, the movie Sorry To Bother You, our upcoming fitness plans and a bit of K-Pop!

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    027 - 93%

    We're back after a week off (cough Ron cough) and PJ has been to New York for NYCC. We chat about A Matter of Life & Death because Scott can't stick to the plan, and realise that it should defnitely have been a Classic.

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    026 - Egg Banjo

    Gah, another late night upload. Never fear, I've some details. This week we talk about our weight loss progress, our Classic - The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp - and we also chat about perceptions of race, because that's what everyone wants to hear 3 tragically white guys talk about.

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    025 - Oh Mandy!

    Not much in the way of show notes this week (Ron made the grave error of sending PJ a blank audio file to review, and then promptly forgot what night it was, nearly forgetting to upload this at all), but we do chat about travelling, more parental worries, the Nic Cage 'movie' Mandy, and a few other bits and pieces.

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    024 - The Body Wants What It Wants

    Bit of a longer one this week. ANOTHER NEW FEATURE! We're all three of us trying to lose weight, so why not have a long discussion about our self-image and also how we're going about trying to shift the pounds. Then we chat about The Deer Hunter for a bit. But really, it's mostly body talk.

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    023 - 3 Gaming Experts

    This week we talk about the new PS4 Spider-Man game, lament our lack of RPGs in our lives and chat about some new movies and TV we've enjoyed.

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    022 - Mahalo

    Scott is mysteriously absent, so Ron and PJ chat about Hawaiian heart-throb Glenn Medeiros, the BBC's Bodyguard and C0m1csGat3, god help them.

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    021 - FOUR-OH

    This week our fearless explorers of pop culture talk about surviving 40, how old our oldest friendships are, and what success actually means if you’re a freelancer or a muggle. Plus our semi regular review a classic returns with seminal 1950s sci-fi Classic Quatermass and the Pitt, we talk Potatohontas at the Tayto Fun Park and the Pick of the week!

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    020 - Anecdote-A-Rama

    We mostly just listen to PJ reading from his diary, which leads us down a rabbit hole of intersecting anecdotes. You'd think this show could have some sort of a central theme, but it's rapidly becoming clear it doesn't.

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    019 - Full Muppet Jacket

    A palate cleanser, if you will. We chat about our times on the stage, and have a wonderful volley of media chats that segueway beautifully from one topic to the next. Classic chat is Harvey (1950) and as usual some Picks of the Week.

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    018 - He Ain't Heavy

    We got heavy this week, with chat about mental health and the trials of raising a kid with autism. Goes without saying, but if you need to chat to anyone about these issues, we're probably the last people you should talk to! But there are a couple of good links in the show notes who are far more qualified. Look after yourselves.

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    017 - Burt Bacharach Was Right

    John McCrea is still with us in the studio, chatting about his new crime noir book with Gerry Duggan and Mike Spicer, DEAD RABBIT. We also chat about what's fun to watch while working, we catch up on our Classics pick from a couple of weeks ago (BLOW OUT) and do our regular Pick of the Week

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    016 - John McCrea, Child of Conflict

    This week we're joined by our first in-studio guest, Northern Irish comics legend John McCrea! We chat to him about his career, and we also discuss some of the latest trailers to come out of San Diego Comic Con. John even has a Pick of the Week, he's THAT prepared.

    Oh, and Ron knows he got it wrong when he said it was Universal who were releasing the Godzilla movie. He KNOWS it. Don't @ him. Please.


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    015 - Hot Women Whispering

    Ron and Scott explain ASMR to a cynical PJ, who thinks it's best applied for screaming at unsuspecting listeners. PJ explains his Friday Fix-Up project, and as usual there's a Pick of the Week. Also, a new feature, with the obligatory custom Ron theme music.

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    014 - I Don't Think THEY Think It's Normal…

    We chat about, gods help us, Goliath again, and a few movies. PJ reads Dicks by Garth Ennis and John McCrea, Steve Ditko is gone and as usual argue over our Picks of the Week.

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    013 - Rome, if you want to...

    Wew chat about what we've been watching on Amazon Prime and Netflix. We discuss PJ's kid on his adventure to Rome and the political landscape outside our front doors. Also, Pick of the Week!

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    012 - PJ's Semi Solid Snake

    It's hot listener. Too hot. Too hot for nonsense. We chat about The Terror, Jurrasic World 2, and introduce a new Pick of the Week feature. It's highly original, I think you'll agree.

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    011 - Range Anxiety

    PJ tells us about his adventures in writing, Scott details his adventures in driving the Leaf over long (for Ireland) distances, and also tells us about some fun video making equipment that turned him into a very boring man.

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    010 - Big Submarine Ones

    Oh boy. This week we go hard, as the rappers say. Ron's fallen deep into the well of Batman Animated Figures. The team outline their most solemn medical experiences, and we discus the recent release of Solo: A Star Wars Story.

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    009 - Scott Free

    Scott's not about this week, so PJ and Ron have a heart to heart about the things that really matter - creativity and collaboration. Normal service will resume soon!

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    008 - Alexa! - I Have A Vague Request!

    Scott got a HomePod. Ron already had a HomePod. PJ has an Amazon Echo, which everyone just calls an Alexa anyway. Also, what's new on Netflix, and we chat about the remastered Charley's War.

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    007 - A Gig Too Far

    We revisit B&M bargains, PJ bemoans the concert scene and we have a very spoilery, very long discussion of Avengers: Infinity War

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    006 - Putting a Cork in it

    PJ tells us about the Cork Comic Expo, his dad's tattoos and whether or not the new iPad Pro is worth the upgrade. Scott has seen Death Wish (2018). Ron reserves the right to hold his tongue. Also some chat about remakes and Clip Studio Paint.

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    005 - B&M Bargain Hunt

    PJ and Scott love their toys, and even more they love buying them cheap. We chat about some more movies - The Hitman's Bodyguard, The Death of Stalin and A Quiet Place - and PJ goes viral.

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    Bonus Episode 001 - The Life of Sliney

    On this bonus episode PJ talks to Cork artist Will Sliney about his life, career and Cork comic expo. Apologies for the sound in this one - our interview audio WILL get better, quickly, soon!

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    004 - Bitter Much? A Tragic Gathering

    PJ spills bitter tears over a perceived slight, Ron and Scott patiently wait for him to run out of steam. Scott tells us about one of his secret habits, and Ron lets us know what he thought of Disney Life.

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    003 - The Reality of Retail

    PJ relays his struggles with the retail industry, laments the alt-right enjoying his work and we chat about revenge movies.

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    001 - Chewie's Favourite Treat

    Has it been that long? Don't call it a comeback!

    Well, you might as well, as that's exactly what it is. PJ, Scott and Ron return to talk about what's been rolling around their noggins. This week there's the usual smattering of parenting talk (which Scott can now particiapte in, and Ron can't), discussion of Annhiliation and The Cloverfield Paradox, short films, The Orville, Star Trek Discovery and Netflix in general.

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